The Trump Century
  • Publisher : HarperCollins
  • Release : 22 September 2020
  • ISBN : 9780063029071
  • Page : 352 pages
  • Rating : 3.5/5 from 3 voters

Get a book entitled The Trump Century, was written by Lou Dobbs and published by HarperCollins. This book was released on 22 September 2020 with total pages 352. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. How did Donald Trump almost single-handedly reverse America’s decline? As the 21st Century began, the world’s only superpower was economically adrift, policing the world at the expense of American lives and trillions of dollars, weighed down by one-sided trade and security agreements with Europe and China ratified in a different era. Elites of both political parties battled over who would manage America’s decline from preeminent world power. In The Trump Century, the indomitable Lou Dobbs explains how Trump has steered the debate every day he has been in politics, greatly expanding what Washington thinks is possible. By 2016, the globalist elites demanded no one speak about limiting illegal immigration or securing our borders. The elites told you communist China would soon be like us, and the PC orthodoxy told you what you could or could not say. You were told America’s Middle Class could never grow again and wages would be stagnant into perpetuity. Trump reversed all of that as radical Democrats and the Deep State conspired to overthrow his Presidency, as the deadly pandemic raged, and orchestrated street protests and violent riots dominated news headlines. He not only made America great again but created a new standard for all future Presidents and likely has set the American agenda for the next hundred years. The Trump Century opens a window into Trump’s thinking on the economy, foreign policy, and border security and will energize his allies when they realize the future they’ve shaped.

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