The Girl in the Woods
  • Publisher : Marguerite Mooers
  • Release : 11 March 2017
  • ISBN : 9780990444817
  • Page : 253 pages
  • Rating : 4.5/5 from 103 voters

Get a book entitled The Girl in the Woods, was written by Marguerite Mooers and published by Marguerite Mooers. This book was released on 11 March 2017 with total pages 253. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. She is lost in the woods and dying. And then she sees the ghost.. On a warm July day, Drew Morgan sets out for a walk in the Adirondack woods, but while she is there a microburst roars through obliterating the trail. Dehydrated, starving and suffering from an infected wound, she wanders alone in the woods for several days. And that's when she sees the ghost of a teenage girl. After her rescue, Drew convinces friends to look for the girl and there they find the body. Than things begin to change. A medium who convinced Drew to look for the girl disappears. No one knows who the murdered girl is and when the body of the medium is found in the woods, Drew realizes that she may be in over her head and the killer may already have her in his sights. Reviews: "The Girl in the Woods is fast and engaging from beginning to end. The aura of mystery, the very human characters, the search and rescue dogs and the Adirondacks, make for a chilling, suspenseful read. Whether you believe in ghosts or spirits or not, there's plenty to wonder about in The Girl in the Woods. I recommend it." Amazon review "I read this book in 3 1/2 hours. Fantastic read. Am going to buy others from this author." Amazon review "This book was fun and fast moving. Ghosts and mystery, premonitions and rescues; it's all here. Fun read." Amazon review "Being a northern New Yorker myself, I plucked this murder mystery off my to-read pile figuring to spend a few spare minutes looking into it, only to find that I couldn't put it down, ending up reading it in one setting, something I almost never do. Ms. Mooers, an Adirondack 46r is a marvelous storyteller, a crafter of mystery plotting whose intricacies will keep you guessing right up to the jaw-dropping ending. If you're ever camping in the Adirondacks, Ms. Mooers is just the yarn spinner you'll want around the midnight campfire." Amazon review "This is the fourth book by this author that I have read. Each book is better than the one before but all are worth reading. This one though, The Girl in the Woods is outstanding. I could NOT put it down. Well written, it is a dancing story, moving quickly to keep a reader enchanted with a good story line, great descriptions of setting, wonderful character development and a good ending. For those of us who live in Upstate New York and have climbed mountains in the Adirondacks, it is a welcome new piece of literature."