Shaw and History
  • Publisher : Penn State Press
  • Release : 28 November 1999
  • ISBN : 0271019182
  • Page : 222 pages
  • Rating : 4.5/5 from 103 voters

Get a book entitled Shaw and History, was written by Gale K. Larson and published by Penn State Press. This book was released on 28 November 1999 with total pages 222. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. This special issue of Shaw offers ten articles that focus on the theme of "Shaw and History." That focus illuminates Shaw's concept of history as art and its uses for dramatic purposes. It is a focus that is broadly applied to the historical perspective. Views range from Shaw's uses of historical sources in the Shavianizing of history, his uses of historical, geographical, and political places and events in his work, to views that place selected Shavian works within a historical context. Stanley Weintraub discusses Shaw's references to Cetewayo, Zulu chieftain, in Cashel Byron's Profession as the first incorporation of a contemporary historical figure into his work. John Allett explores the liberal, socialist, and radical feminist views of prostitution in nineteenth-century England and demonstrates how those political views are developed within the unfolding action ofMrs Warren's Profession. Sidney P. Albert studies the Utopian movement, "The Garden City," to determine the extent to which that movement influenced Shaw's conception of Perivale St. Andres inMajor Barbara. He also narrates his personal attempt to identify the Ballycorus smelting works and its surroundings as well as the campanile, or Folly, at Faringdon as sites that provided the scenic sources for Perivale St. Andres inMajor Barbara. Gale K. Larson has edited a partially unpublished Shavian manuscript that addresses Shaw's relationship with Frank Harris and, among other matters, sets the historical record right as to who deserves the credit for attributing the identity of the Dark Lady of the Sonnets to Mary Fitton. He also examines the historical sources that influenced Shaw's views on Charles II, the "Merry Monarch," in"In Good King Charles's Golden Days" and demonstrates Shaw's reclamation of yet another historical figure from the traditional historians. David Gunby examines the first-night performance of O'Flaherty, V.C. for purposes of setting the historical record straight as to the facts of that production. Wendi Chen presents the stage history of the production of Mrs Warren's Professionin China during the early 1920s and argues its central role in shaping modern Chinese drama. Rodelle Weintraub assesses Too True to Be Good as a dream play within the context of the nightmarish times of World War I. Michael M. O'Hara surveys the Federal Theatre's productions of Androcles and the Lionin the 1930s to reveal the political and religious repressions that those productions underscore. Shaw 19 also includes three reviews of recent additions to Shavian scholarship as well as John R. Pfeiffer's "Continuing Checklist of Shaviana."

Bernard Shaw

Bernard Shaw Author: Stanley Weintraub
Publisher: Penn State Press
Relase: 1988-06-01
ISBN: 9780271026725


Shaw Author: Gale K. Larson,MaryAnn Krajnik Crawford
Publisher: Penn State Press
Relase: 2002
ISBN: 0271022272